Army AR 840-10

9–7. Description

a. Streamers are authorized in three sizes as follows: l. Two and three-fourths inch hoist by four-foot fly, for display with the U.S.Army Ceremonial flag and with the organizational color of the lst Battalion, 3d Infantry 2. Two and three-fourths inch hoist by a three-foot fly for display with distinguishing flags and organizational colors This size is also displayed on the Army Display flag.

3. One and three-eighths inch hoist by a two-foot fly for display of unit decorations or awards on guidons

b. Letters and numerals required for inscriptions on streamers for display with flags are 1 l/4 inches high. For guidons, letters and

numerals are 5/8 inch high.

Custom Streamers are Available in the following sizes. Email us if you have a different requirement.

3” x 27”

3” x 24”

2” x 27”

2” x 24”

1 3/8” x 24”

1 3/8" x 27"

The Legend on official streamers is only on one side. The reverse side would have the lettering backwards. On Custom streamers we will embroider the lettering so you can read the legend on both sides of the Streamer.

Colors Available

White Black
Navy AF Blue

Custom Streamer are available. Yo can Mix and Match Colors of Fabric or Thread. Embroidery of logo or shields is possible.

Feel free to browse our catalogue; don’t worry if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Email or call us we definitely can reproduce the guidon you are looking for.

When filling out the order form please provide information requested; we will contact you for shipping and billing information.