Army Streamers

AR 840-10 Describes Streamer as the Following

9–7. Description
a. Streamers are authorized in three sizes as follows:
b. Two and three-fourths inch hoist by 4-foot fly, for display with the U.S. Army Ceremonial flag and with the
organizational color of the 1st Battalion, 3d Infantry.

AR 840–10 • 17 July 2020 128
c. Two and three-fourths inch hoist by a 3-foot fly for display with distinguishing flags and organizational colors.
This size is also displayed on the U.S. Army Display flag.
d. One and three-eighths inch hoist by a 2-foot fly for display of unit decorations or awards on guidons.
e. Letters and numerals required for inscriptions on streamers for display with flags are 1 1/4 inches high. For
guidons, letters and numerals are 5/8 inch high.