Army Flags and Organizational Colors

Flags and Colors for Different Army Units, Brigades, Regiments and Battalions. 
Army flags are significant symbols of honor, identity, and unity within military forces. These flags, often referred to as colors, represent the history and values of the respective army units. Typically featuring emblems, mottos, or insignias, they embody the unit's pride and ethos. Carried in ceremonies and parades, army flags evoke a sense of tradition and camaraderie among soldiers. These flags are meticulously done in accordance with AR840-10 and TIOH drawings. Their vibrant colors and meaningful symbols foster a sense of belonging among soldiers and serve as a constant reminder of their commitment to duty. Whether fluttering in the wind on the battlefield or displayed in barracks, army flags inspire a sense of patriotism and determination, embodying the sacrifices and triumphs of those who serve under them.