27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Flak Plate Carrier Name Tape

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 Identification Patch/Tag with Fastener For an Armor Flak/Plate Carrier

This product is for an Armor Flak Identification patch.  This item is widely used by the military to place their identification information on their Flak Jackets/Plate Carriers.  The Tag can also be placed on a cap, bags or other tactical gear as well.

Other Fabric and Thread Colors Available, send us a message for more information

 2.25" by 4" Hook Fastener Backed Patch -Soft Side-

• Customize with UNIT/RANK/BLOOD/NAME information
•Abbreviations are preferred
• Due to limited space graphics must be simple and can only be 1 to 2 inches tall.
•Graphics will be simplified due to limited space

Don't forget to send the following information with your order in the purchase notes.

AREA 1  Upper Left

AREA 2  Upper Right 

AREA 3  Lower Left 

AREA 4  Lower Right 


The 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is an infantry brigade combat team of the New York Army National Guard, one of the brigades that make up the 42nd Infantry Division.

The state mission of the 27th Infantry Brigade is to maintain a manned, trained and equipped force capable of rapid deployment to any area within New York to aid civil authorities. The 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is also tasked with overseas deployment missions and must be capable to respond to any threat, foreign or domestic.