Bradley Master Gunner Coffee Cup

Cup of Joe

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Made With Pride In:
West Texas USA
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In Honor of the Bradley Master Gunners that keep the fighting force aim dead center

One side has the logo on the other we will place your name, rank, unit or dates of service.  

11OZ capacity Measures 3.2 Inches wide by 3.7 inches tall.


The Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle System Master Gunner course is an 8 week 2 day course which utilizes small group training methodologies to train Master Gunners on Bradley Fighting Vehicle weapon systems maintenance and ABCT gunnery training strategies.


MAINTENANCE TRAINING - Training is focused on identifying malfunctions, troubleshooting, and maintaining the BFV turret components: Performing Unit Level Maintenance on the M242 25-MM Enhanced Automatic Gun, Maintaining DA Form 2408, Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem; Commanders Tactical Display, Improved TOW Acquisition Subsystem, Sights and Displays, Turret Controls and Indicators, Electronic Control Assembly, Digital Electronics Control Assembly, Power Control Unit, Turret Drive Systems, Tactical Navigation System, and Vehicular Communication Components.


GUNNERY TRAINING - Training focuses on Unit Training Plan Development and Briefs, and increasing lethality in unit gunnery programs: Gunnery Training Strategies, Senior Instructor Operators, BFV Training Devices and Simulations, Gunnery Scenario Development, BFV Specific Ammunition Capabilities; Range Operations; Training Unit Combat Vehicle Crews, Crew Live Fires, and Advanced Section and Platoon Qualifications.