Flak Plate Carrier ARMY


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West Texas, USA
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Identification Patch/Tag with Fastener For US ARMY UNITS Military Flak/Plate Carrier
This product is for a Flak Identification patch.  This item is widely used by the military to place their identification information on their Flak Jackets/Plate Carriers.  The Tag can also be placed you your bags and other recreational gear as well.

  2.25" by 4" Hook Fastener Backed Patch -Soft Side-

• Customize with UNIT/RANK/BLOOD/NAME information
•Abbreviations are preferred
• Due to limited space graphics must be simple and can only be 1 to 2 inches tall.
•Graphics will be simplified due to limited space

Don't forget to send the following information with your order in the purchase notes.

AREA 1  Upper Left

AREA 2  Upper Right

AREA 3  Lower Left

AREA 4  Lower Right