Medical Recruiting Guidon

Posted by DODGuidons on Oct 20th 2022

This guidon came out fantastic! The customer had custom graphics for his Medical Recruiting Office and wanted a guidon to showcase his team name. Remember, at DODGuidons, we transform your idea fr … read more

Fleet Marine Forces Naval Construction Guidon

Posted by DODGUIDONS on Oct 20th 2022

This guidon was a fun project. A customer sent us a design they wanted to be recreated as a guidon. Below you can see the before and after pictures. The guidon is on the way to someplace in the world. … read more
Maynard Summer Youth Camp

Maynard Summer Youth Camp

Posted by DODGUIDONS on Jul 17th 2019

Several Police Departments across the nation have organized Explorer or Youth Outreach programs. The Maynard Police Department in the great state of Massachusetts is encouraging their kids to NEVER QU … read more
Custom DUSTOFF Guidon

Custom DUSTOFF Guidon

Posted by DODGuidons Staff on Jan 22nd 2019

Custom Guidon are projects we enjoy since they take us out of the normal pace at the shop. Matching colors and getting the idea our customer wants to get is just fun to do. The digitizing was a bit lo … read more